Offshore Flex Development Company Provides Excellent Flex Developer In India

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Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have taken the web world by storm. They have completely changed the way people now access and use the Internet. Adobe Flex, since its inception in 2004 has become synonymous with RIA development. It has churned out better Flex versions, regularly, which in turn have made RIAs more robust, scalable, responsive and elegant. The latest offering from the Adobe Flex, Flex4 comes with Spark architecture that allows the Flex developer in India to work along with Flex designer, which was not possible in earlier versions. This reduces the development time and cost.

Flex developers in India, utilize well the salient features of the Flex versions to craft marvelous RIAs that literally speak out to end users and give them the feeling of interacting with an living entity. This vibrancy in the website is due to latest Adobe Flex tools and technology like Flex 4, which enables the offshore Flex development company to embed latest 3D animations, rich graphics, multimedia presentations and interactive video and audio clips into the website.

The RIAs created through Adobe Flex require less amount of coding. This is a blessing for the Flex developer in India because he or she is able to develop even complex RIAs, quickly. Since fewer amount of coding goes in RIA development, the coding errors are also less, which in turn means lesser de-bugging time. However the latest Adobe version like Flex 4 comes with automated de-bugging tool that requires no human interference. This makes the de-bugging process completely reliable and guarantees flawless deployment of the rich internet applications in the website.

The Flex developer in India can use variety of Adobe Flex frameworks like Cairngorm, Pure MVC, Foundry and others, in the Flex development process to create elegant RIAs. Unlike Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flex is an open source technology, which gives the Flex developer in India the advantage to churn out vibrant RIAs at low costs.

Flex 4 supports HTML5 and CSS3, as a result, Flex developer is able to create eye-catching web pages and customize the content layout in a better way. This adds ingenuity in the web pages and makes the RIA more functional, which in turn attracts more visitors to the site, for a sensational user experience. While developing an RIA the coding process becomes difficult and time consuming if the regression sets in. Regression means break down of previously working codes, which slows down the RIA development process. However the availability of a very versatile testing tool known has Flex monkey has simplified the code testing worries of the Flex developer in India.

Thus Flex developers in India have at their disposal latest Adobe Flex tools and frameworks, which they utilize effectively, to create, customized RIAs and empower the business organizations to improvise their products/ services so that they gain the competitive edge over their rivals. Since Adobe Flex is constantly innovating and has worldwide following, it provides the offshore Flex development company in outsourcing destination like India, a great advantage to further reduce the RIA development costs. This is missing from the Microsoft Silverlight and Ajax technologies, which are also used in the RIA creation.
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Offshore Flex Development Company Provides Excellent Flex Developer In India

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Offshore Flex Development Company Provides Excellent Flex Developer In India

This article was published on 2010/10/20