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Today is the high-speed of development of Internet, however, according to reports, many IT companies are busy patching security holes come from Microsoft, Apple and Adobe has also joined the team. The release of the security update is for a variety of serious vulnerabilities remain, including remote code execution vulnerability.

Adobe has released a hole of Shockwave Player that exists in Windows and Mac OS X system. The company recommends that users should install the Shockwave Player version in response to hacker attacks. Adobe will update this as "severe" and warned that an attacker could execute remote code on the target system. At the same time, Apple's Java update fixes 17 vulnerabilities related to Mac OS X10.6 and 10.7 systems, some of which allow an attacker to run outside the Java security sandbox code.

The update followed by Microsoft's release of Windows 7 and Vista TCP / IP component of serious flaws. Loopholes in the current third-party components are increasingly being valued by users and managers, as these vulnerabilities are often missing patches. A security company said, Java will lead to a special risk, the risk from the administrator of the extended test requirements.

As the cases of hacker attacks are more and more happening, some people will wonder if there is a safe software to keep us safe. Well, I’m sorry that may properly not! And I will tell you don’t worry as the more question, the more complete it is. Take the Adobe PDF for example. Just in February in this year, Adobe has fixed 29 security holes. Everytime the hole appears, Adobe won’t let it go. Now, you are just leave all the problems to Adobe and it will make you satisfied. This is the reason why people trust Adobe PDF so much. In the designers’ daily work, they are in need to Convert PDF to DXF or Convert PDF to DWG for further editing. When they have finished conversion, they can output PDF files to avoid others to copy the content. So PDF is a safe way to restore your information. Even though there are some problems in PDF, you are not reasonable to give up PDF.

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Hacker Attacks Adobe

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Hacker Attacks Adobe

This article was published on 2011/11/10